While Zint is dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of our customers through superfoods, we’re also helping the less fortunate who don’t have access to basic nutrition for survival. We’re honored to be a partner of Vitamin Angels to help deliver crucial vitamins and minerals to nutrition-deprived children and mothers in over 50 impoverished countries around the world.

Through Vitamin Angels, over 40 million mothers and young children receive multivitamin and mineral supplementation that supports breastfeeding, eye health, deworming, nutritional education and more.

As a company focused on improving health and nutrition through super ingredients, Zint is a natural choice as a partner in Vitamin Angels’ lifesaving mission. We’re proud to align with a vital organization that’s making such a profoundly positive impact on so many in need. We look forward to building on our partnership with Vitamin Angels and helping them expand their reach to more mothers and young children who need their assistance.