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Lucuma Powder

Dietary Supplement
1 Lb.
A prized Peruvian fruit with natural healing properties

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1 Lb.

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 Blueberry-Avocado Smoothie bowl

Blueberry-Avocado Smoothie bowl

The inspiration for this blueberry explosion of a smoothie bowl started with a blogging retreat to Minneapolis, Minnesota. And it ended in between the seemingly endless rows of blueberry bushes at Turkey Hill Farm in Haverhill, Massachusetts.

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 Lemon-Poppy Pancakes

Lemon-Poppy Pancakes

 So many lemon recipes suffer from the wimp factor.  They add a tablespoon of lemon juice or the zest of one lemon and then have the nerve to call themselves a lemon this or a lemon that.  It’s criminal.

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Rainbow Fruit Smoothie

Rainbow Fruit Smoothie

Beautiful 7 layer rainbow smoothie recipe! Full of tons of fruit and topped with a fruit skewer, it’s the ultimate rainbow smoothie!
There is just something about rainbow food that makes me feel joyful – anyone else feel that?! It’s probably because rainbows bring about thoughts of sunshine, spring, and baby animals.. hahaha :)

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I'm a smoothie fanatic, I'm always searching for new superfood discoveries and flavors to blend into my smoothie creations. Never heard of Lucuma before but obviously Z!NT has, this stuff tastes fantastic, it has a fine powdered consistency that mixes effortlessly in liquids. The flavor is a blend of mango and maple syrup. Adds a nice touch of sweetness with a very low glycemic index, choc full of antioxidants, beta carotene, fiber, vitamins and minerals. I read that its the #1 ice cream flavor in Peru. I love that it is certified Kosher, USDA Organic and gluten free. This is my new favorite smoothie ingredient. Highly recommended for smoothie lovers like me!

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