Are your products certified organic, kosher, etc? 

Our mission is always to deliver the most natural and wholesome foods on the planet. Please visit our product pages to find specific information on certifications for each of our products.

Are your products allergen-free? 

We try to make our products allergen-free whenever possible. Our collagen, gelatin and xylitol products, for example, are free of all known food allergens, including wheat, gluten, dairy, nut and soy. For information on our other products, please visit our individual product pages.

What’s your return policy? 

We’re pretty confident that you’ll love our products. That’s why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If one of our products doesn’t live up to your expectations for any reason, give us a shout, and we’ll happily exchange the item or issue a refund!

Tell me about your shipping. 

We offer free shipping for all orders over $35! Our primary carrier is FedEx, so please make sure your shipping address is not a PO box, as we're unable to deliver to PO boxes. We currently only ship to customer in the United States, but international customers can order Zint products from iHerb.

Where can I purchase Zint products? 

You can purchase our products right here, or at other online retailers such as Amazon and Walmart. Zint products can also be found in many local brick-and-mortar shops.

What does “Zint” mean, anyway?

Glad you asked! Technically speaking, the word Zint doesn’t have a dictionary definition. We came up with it because we liked its unique energy and spirit. To us, it sounds the way a lifestyle of health and vitality makes you feel! You can learn all about our brand and our mission here. Go, Zint!

Did you recently change your packaging design? 

Thanks for noticing! Yes, we’ve recently refreshed our product designs and our website for a brand-new look. We’ve also revamped our product pages to provide you with more useful information. Let us know what you think!

Have any other questions? Let us know!