Our Goal

We created Zint to provide people with the very best non-GMO super-ingredients that promote health and well being. It’s that simple. As people become more aware of the dangers of industrialized, genetically modified foods, we’re here to offer natural alternative food choices.

The Highest Standards

We source our products from a variety of suppliers who meet our very strict criteria. We only work with suppliers who are committed to sustainable agriculture techniques and humane treatment of animals. These are suppliers who care not only about the quality of our current food supply today but the sustainability of a healthy food supply and the environment for generations to come.

Sourcing from the Best

Individual farms are limited to the quality that their own specific crops produce, which can vary greatly depending upon environmental conditions as well as the experience of the farmer. Because Zint works with a variety of farms that are as competitive as they are ethical, we’re in a position to bring you the highest-quality produce at a great value.

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing

The technology and careful techniques used to process our raw ingredients are designed to fully preserve the natural health benefits inherent in each product. Our manufacturing always complies with globally accepted regulations and strict traceability of our products.

Quality Control

We strive for unmatched product excellence at every level. Each Zint product is batch-lab-tested and controlled to meet consistently high standards of quality, flavor and consistency. We’re always working to find new ways to deliver the most delicious, nutritious, wholesome, bioavailable, health-benefitting food products available.

Grass-Fed Bovine

At Zint, we stand firmly against cruelty and unnatural farming practices. Our bovine products, including our gelatin and collagen, are sourced from our trusted Argentine, Brazilian and Australian farming partners who are dedicated to humane, grass-fed, free-range farming.